Catholic school

East Shoreline Catholic Academy
We are a co-ed parochial elementary school sponsored by the St. George (Guilford) and St. Margaret (Madison) parishes under the direction of the Archdiocese of Harford.
62 Cedar Street
Our Lady of Mercy Preparatory Academy
Our Lady of Mercy Preparatory Academy (OLM Prep), is a continuation of the history of Our Lady of Mercy School in Madison, CT. OLM Prep has returned to a private, independent school, that is co-educational for pre-K through 8th grade, Catholic-based that welcomes all faiths. OLM Prep is not a diocesan school, allowing the OLM Prep School Board to be innovative and creative in providing programming that far exceeds expectations.  OLM Prep looks forward to their new location at the Island Avenue Elementary beginning in August, 2019. The school emphasizes experiential learning within their academic programs, expanding beyond their classroom walls into the community. All students participate in a STEAM integrated curriculum building a strong foundation, as 7th & 8thgrade students prepare for a personalized OLMPrepPath. Students choose an area of focus in either STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) or the ARTS: Visual, Digital & Performing. Students select their elective classes from unique, 6-week course offerings led by “Professionals in Residence” who bring their global experience into the classroom. These experts, from careers in STEM, performing arts, and research allow students to actively engage in subject areas not usually explored until high school and beyond.  OLM Prep students develop strong character values through PRIDE; Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Everywhere. The academic program is led by highly qualified teachers (100% certified with Master Degrees) ensuring students are prepared to meet a progressive future. OLM Prep is committed to the extracurricular activities and athletics, balancing educational traditions with innovative, hands-on approaches. OLM Prep is creating tomorrow’s leaders today!  Visit Open Houses the first Friday of each month or schedule a Private Tour at, or call (203) 689-5101.
20 Island Avenue
(203) 689-5101