We asked a few locals and a few shopkeepers why they moved here, what they think of town, and to share some of their favorite things about Madison.

Missy DeBeradinis, shop owner of The Country Shop

  1. When did you open your Madison business? I bought the business from its original owner in 1996
  2. Why did you choose Madison? It was her original location of 3 stores
  3. Favorite place in town: The beach
  4. Favorite restaurant in town: Cafe Allegre
  5. Favorite shop in town (other than yours!): Ciao Bella
  6. Do you take advantage of the recreational options in town (beaches, hiking, biking, etc)? If so, what are your favorites? I love the walking trail at Hammonasset
  7. What do you think makes Madison special? I love the sense of community and how the town and its residents help out those in need
  8. You have a friend considering moving to town. How would you convince them they should? Would absolutely tell anyone to move here! great schools great restaurants and shops