We asked a few locals and a few shopkeepers why they moved here, what they think of town, and to share some of their favorite things about Madison.

Photo by Cindy Ringer of LJR Images.

Andrea Panullo, shop owner of Bella Perlina:

  1. When did you open your Madison business? 14 years ago
  2. Why did you choose Madison? I live here and love our town.
  3. Favorite place in town: the beaches
  4. Favorite restaurant in town: the Sea House
  5. Favorite shop in town (other than yours!): Audubon Shop
  6. Do you take advantage of the recreational options in town (beaches, hiking, biking, etc)? If so, what are your favorites? Biking
  7. What do you think makes Madison special? The people, the beaches, and our town
  8. You have a friend considering moving to town. How would you convince them they should? I would invite them to 4th of July weekend. It’s quintessential small town New England!