We asked a few locals and a few shopkeepers why they moved here, what they think of town, and to share some of their favorite things about Madison.

(Photo by Amy Etra)

Ken with his dog, Jack. Part-time Madison residents:

  1. Did you grow up in Madison, or when did you move here? As lifelong residents of NYC, despite driving back and forth to Boston for decades, we first discovered the CT Shoreline area when invited to a 2011 weekend stay with friends in Lyme. As an avid cyclist, that visit opened my eyes to the hidden gems of roads and towns stretching from Branford to Haddam. There are lovely farms, rolling hills, and beautiful vistas all along the Shoreline area. What an amazing find, only two hours from NYC with an easy train ride. Perfect for weekends. Despite having spent many summers in the Hamptons while our kids were teenagers, we now much prefer the Shoreline. Easy access to skiing and so much more to do year round too. After renting for two years in Madison, we decided in 2014 on a second home as a weekend getaway. After visiting dozens of properties in many of the Shoreline towns, we concluded that Madison is the very best of a fine group. And, after 4 years of ownership, that has proven true repeatedly with the super friendly people, cultural attractions, great farmers market, and beautiful natural surroundings.
  2. Favorite place in town: RJ Julia bookstore, movie theater, and Madison Beach Hotel
  3. Favorite restaurant in town: Moxie
  4. Favorite shop in town: RJ Julia
  5. Do you take advantage of the recreational options in town (beaches, hiking, biking, etc)? If so, what are your favorites? Yes to biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking.
  6. What do you think makes Madison special? The welcoming warmth of the people, and the activities on the Green.
  7. You have a friend considering moving to town. How would you convince them they should? Invite them for a weekend and let them see for themselves.