We asked a few locals and a few shopkeepers why they moved here, what they think of town, and to share some of their favorite things about Madison.

(Photo by Amy Etra)

Karen Donlon. Recent full-time resident.

  1. Did you grow up in Madison, or when did you move here? I did not grow up in Madison.  I grew up in Western Pennsylvania. I moved to Madison June 2018.
  2. Why did you decide to stay here or move here? My family moved here in 1997 and I loved Madison and the surrounding area. At the time, the commute to Stamford for work was too far, so we settled in Southern Connecticut. Now 20 years later and downsizing, here I am.
  3. Favorite place in town: My most favorite place in town in R.J. Julia’s Bookstore! I can spend hours in there and it has a fabulous cafe!
  4. Favorite restaurant in town: My favorite restaurant is Moxie, so far!
  5. Favorite shop in town: That’s a tough one! They are all spectacular. One of my favorites is Walker Loden.
  6. Do you take advantage of the recreational options in town (beaches, hiking, biking, etc)? If so, what are your favorites? Yes! I love the town beaches, the hiking trails, biking, I LOVE the downtown and walking there. I also love the beautiful convenient cinema. And you are right here at the BEAUTIFUL HAMMONASSET BEACH!
  7. What do you think makes Madison special? It has a quaintness and calmness like no other in my opinion, along with having all the conveniences either in town or conveniently nearby.
  8. You have a friend considering moving to town. How would you convince them they should? Madison is one of the most beautiful and charming small towns in Connecticut. I love its ocean-side setting and it is filled with culture! You’ll never be without something to do, and the Madison people are very welcoming and friendly.